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Patient rights & responsibilities statement

Al Zahra hospital – Medina commits to provide a unique healthcare which begins through the cooperation between the patient and their family from one side and the hospital staff from the other side.


Al Zahra hospital – Medina guarantees you the following rights:


  1. To be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a patient receiving healthcare services in Al Zahra hospital.
  2. To be informed (patient & family) about the healthcare and services provided by the hospital& how to benefit from those services.
  3. To receive a care which is characterized by humanity and respect while considering your religious, social and cultural values in a safe atmosphere while maintaining your privacy and meeting your needs regarding your religious and spiritual support when needed.
  4. To demand and receive the security of your personal belongings while being at the hospital.
  5. To be protected from any physical or psychological harm while being at the hospital.
  6. To have your personal and medical information in complete confidentiality and preserved from any harms.
  7. To have a respectful and compassionate care in case of extreme illness and to receive a decent and humane care in case of terminal illness and an appropriate treatment to the dead body.
  8. To be informed you and your family about the diagnosis, treatment plan and side effects in an understandable way in order to enable you to make suitable decisions about your treatment.
  9. To be informed about the doctor and the medical team involved in your treatment.
  10. To have the right to consult any other doctor in or outside the hospital regarding your condition.
  11. To be provided with translation services when needed.
  12. To maintain the right to refuse treatment or part of it provided with the side effects for refusing treatment prior to your signature on rejecting the prescribed treatment on your own responsibility.
  13. To receive a copy of the discharge plan to be able to follow up your treatment.
  14. To have any pain assessed and appropriately treated.
  15. To determine which family member receives information about your health condition.
  16. To make a complaint or suggestion and to be provided with the complaint policy and it’s procedures without affecting the healthcare provided to you.
  17. To be informed about the expenses of your healthcare and the payment methods.


Al-Zahra Hospital in Madinah kindly requests you to abide by the following duties:


  1. All patients, their families and visitors must comply with all regulations and policies of Al-Zahra Hospital in Madinah.
  2. To deal with respect and discretion with all hospital staff and not to infringe on them or prejudice their dignity or do any physical, moral or verbal harms. In the case of any complaints, the concerned party will take actions to protect everyone’s rights.
  3. To provide accurate personal and family health information in order to receive the right and suitable medical care.
  4. To ask and seek further explanation in case you did not understand any information about your diagnosis or treatment.
  5. Do not bring valuables belongings with you to the hospital, except the necessary items you need for your stay at the hospital.
  6. You should inform the nursing or your physician directly if there is any change in your health condition.
  7. Refrain from smoking in all places of the hospital in accordance with the policy of Al-Zahra Hospital, which considers smoking is harmful to your health, Thus, it’s strictly prohibited.
  8. To adapt and follow the visit system based on the hospital policy, in order to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients.
  9. To understand that some patients will have priority health care as a result of their critical health condition
  10. To carefully follow, you, your family, your companions and your visitors the hospital's safety instructions for everyone’s safety.
  11. To maintain all hospital property with safe and proper use of facilities and equipment and bear the material costs in case of any violation.
  12. To commit to pay all financial dues and/or bills for the healthcare provided to you.


Dear patient / companion / visitor

Do not hesitate to contact the Patient Rights Department when you need help or inquire by going directly to the designated office on the first floor next to the reception or call the telephone number (0148488808) Ext (225) or via Email address: pfr@alzahramed.com



We thank you for your kind cooperation and hopefully continued health and wellness