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Specialized Centers

Physiotherapy Section:

- Rehabilitation of patients after fractures, sports injuries and operations such as cruciate ligament and knee cartilage
- Acute and chronic Lower back pain in addition to sciatic nerve pain
- Muscle cramps, cartilage gliding and spine degeneration
- Shoulder tendonitis, severe neck stiffness in addition cervical cartilage pain
- Growth Disorders, cerebral palsy, neck malformations and paralysis
- Neuropathy, brain injuries, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries

Intensive Care Section:

- Treatment of acute heart failure
- Treatment of cardiomyopathy and coronary artery clots
- Treatment of heart attacks
- Treatment of lung clots
- Treatment of brain attack
- Treatment of coma
- Treatment of Paraplegia
- Treat of inflammation
- Treatment of Diabetic coma and ketoacidosis
- Treatment of acute anemia
- Treatment of Hematemesis cases
- Treatment of cases of heartburn and varicose veins
- Treatment of respiratory failure
- Treatment of cases of acute asthma

Radiology Section:

Radiology is considered as a general means of diagnosis and treatment, the Radiology Unit is provided with the latest equipment needed by the hospital at a high level of accuracy:
- Computerized Tomography (CT) Unit, equipped with the latest high-level machines.
- Sound waves and Doppler Unit on the arteries feeding them, kidneys, arteries and veins.
- The latest X-ray machines.

Laboratories Section:

More than 35 years of experience
It provides 24 - hours per day service

Main sections include:

Blood Chemistry Section:

It includes Liver function tests, Kidney function, blood sugar test, Calcium test, Sodium, Potassium, amylase in addition to Cholesterol and TG (Triglycerides) tests

Cytology Section:

It contains a complete blood image analysis, analysis of blood deposition velocity, blood circulation and identification of anemia through the blood test.

It performs blood viruses from hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, syphilis test

Serology Section:

It performs the test of Maltese fever, typhoid fever, rheumatism and analysis of inflammation in the body.

Parasitological Section:

It performs urinalysis, stool examination, and acid blood stool and stool Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) test.

Bacteria Section:

- Urine Culture
- Feces Culture
- Blood Culture
- Determine the safety test
- Wound Culture